Useful scripts for capitalizing and down casing fields in BibDesk

Sometimes, when you get references, the fields are all uppercased and you can’t do anything about it (see below). Sometimes this translates to screwing up your bibliography depending on the style you choose, especially when you’re dealing with author names.

One option is to go in and manually field capitalize every first letter and down case everything else individually. The smart choice is to automate it and that’s what this fine fellow has done. Check out

and download Unzip and drag to the appropriate place and then you can use the scripts by hitting the AppleScript menu and then selecting “Field Capitalize.”

What is nice about the script is that you can select multiple files and field capitalize all of the in one shot. Useful if you have to format a ton of articles to put in a bibliography/reference list.

Note you have to install a suite of scripts available on sourceforge. You can find those at

    • Nathan
    • January 27th, 2013

    Thanks for sharing these scripts. The only problem with batch downcasing title fields is that in English some words always remain capitalized, such as ‘American’, ‘Spanish’, ‘John Ebenezer Smith’, etc. For this reason, I downcase title fields by hand using the lowercase command in WordService. WordService is a free OS X service available here:

    I have applied a keyboard shortcut to this service, so it is easy to use repetitively. If you use an older version of OS X (10.4 or 10.5), you may need ServiceScrubber to apply keyboard shortcuts to services. ServiceScrubber is a free app available here:

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