Here are a list of a few personal things about me.

I love my family

I have a brother (Jason), sister (Mindy). My parents are still living in the house that we all grew up together in. I’m married to the most wonderful person in the world, Nancy.

I am from Los Angeles

Terrible place to visit (especially if you don’t know a native), but not a bad place to live. But if you’re only here for a few days then here are some cool things to do that I wouldn’t mind doing as a native:

  • Visit Griffith park at night and Los Feliz
  • Do the Mulholland drive at dawn from the 405 to 101
  • Visit the Venice canals and get a coffee at Intelligentsia
  • Drive PCH north of Malibu stop at a beach (e.g. El Matador or Point Dume) then drive into the hills and hike to Sandstone Peak then returning down US-101
  • Eat mexican food from a taco truck and the eat more food from other “gourmet” taco trucks
  • Preference of LA/Orange County “social” beaches in order: Manhattan, Hermosa, Redondo, Huntington, Newport, Venice, Santa Monica
  • Visit some of the following places for drinks and food: Alibi Room, Fathers Office, Lucky Baldwins, Wurstkuche
  • If its your first time to LA, bike up or down the strand (Santa Monica to/from Redondo Beach)
  • Eat a ton of food (especially Korean BBQ)

I love music

My tendencies always change but I’d like to think that my taste in music is eclectic. I grew up listening mainly to hip hop and R&B in the late 90’s and played a little violin. Now I’m everywhere with my tastes and appreciate music from (almost) any source as long as it is genuine, inspiring, or mesmerizing, from classical to independent rock.

I enjoy going to concerts and will always try to make it out to watch “my” bands when they come to town (as long as it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg).

Some of my favorite tunes at the moment are listed below.

Explosions in the Sky

They own the best instrumental album I’ve ever heard. Go listen to the Friday Night Lights OST.

This Will Destroy You

Missed their concert in Zurich…

Album Leaf


If I were to get a tattoo I wouldn’t mind an Album Leaf tattoo.


I’ll forever be a supporter of the old Weezer albums (Pinkerton and Blue). I’m not a fan of anything later than that though.

I love space

As a kid I had many aspirations and dreams. To go to space and explore was one of them.

The Sagan Project

I’m a huge fan of this project. Watch and be inspired.


To see more visit:

I love nature

This is the extent of the human race on Earth.


Nurture nature and go out and enjoy it and leave the smallest footprint you possibly can.

Social media owns me


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